AWFISHNET country launches held and Elected Executive Committees put in place

Wed, 20-10-2021 15:00:00

October 2021 has seen the launch of several  African Women Fish Processors and Traders Network (AWFishNET) country chapters. The launches took place under the Fisheries Governance 2 Project, with funding from the European Union. In addition to the launches and formulation of strategies, the chapters also elected new Executive Committee members to serve for in different time periods as stipulated in their respective constitutions.

These new office bearers are:

Présidente : Madame Nina Ricci MINGUIE épouse MOUTENDY ; 
Vice-Présidente : Mme Anne Marie OSSOUCAH épouse MBOT ; 
Secrétaire Général : Mademoiselle Céleste LEVEDY LOSSANGOYE ; 
Secrétaire Général Adjoint : Madame Brigitte BOUSSEYI ; 
Trésorier : Madame Jeanne ASSENGONE ; 
Trésorier Adjoint : Madame Brigitte IGNANGA ; 
Représentant des personnes handicapées : Madame BIKENE BI NZE Généviève ; 
Représentant des jeunes : Madame NKARE MINKO Nelly. 

Chairperson: Mrs Kidist Zelalem 
Vice Chairperson: Mrs Tsion Dereje 
Secretary General: Mrs Maheder Admassu 
Vice Secretary General: Mrs Hiwot Teshome 
Treasurer: Mrs Mekdes Teka 
Representative of Disabled People: Ms Ruth Desalegn 
Representative of Yout:  Mrs Berhan Mohammed 
The eighth member of the Executive Committee will be an employed Executive Manager.

South Africa:
Chairperson: Mrs. Mashebane Thosago
Vice chairperson: Mrs. Connie Cebekulu
Secretary General: Mrs. Leneve Papier
Deputy Secretary General: Mrs. Mathema Makola
Treasurer: Ms. Pheladi Chiloane
Representative of women with disabilities and young women: Ms. Kgaladi Nchabeleng
The National Coordinator: Ms. Rebecca Malefye

South Sudan:
Chairperson: Ms. Awizia Nitty Orrich
Vice Chairperson: Ms. Amal Mogga Sebit 
Secretary General: Ms. Flora Magara Emmanuel 
Vice Secretary General: Sr. Rain Mary 
Treasurer: Ms. Betty Muja Christopher 
Representative Persons with Disabilities: Ms. Beatrice Awot Emmanuel 
Youth Office Representative: Ms. Nyanjok Abraham Thon Chol 
13-Persons representing the ten states and three administrative areas will be

Chairperson: Batuke Walusiku Mwewa
Vice Chairperson: Rhoda Nakasimba Mughandila Nyirenda
General Secretary: Georgina .S. Chibbamulilo
Deputy General Secretary: Jacqueline Ndoweni Nkausu Moyo
Treasurer: Catherine N. K. Nawa
Deputy treasurer: Nakamwi Manze Kauseni
People with disabilities representative: To be elected at a later date after consultation with relevant association
Youth Representative: Vivian Phiri

Above picture: South Africa AWARFA Executive Committee

For more highlights on the AWFISHNET activities, access the online community page and/or request to join the various country chapters: