National Livestock Policy Hub (NLPH) meeting and Official Launching of the Republic of Mali National Animal Resources Data Management Platform (ARDMP)

The Republic of Mali National Animal Resources Data Management Platform (ARDMP) was officially launched by the Secretary General of Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Mr. Youssouf SANOGO at Bamako, Mali on 15th September 2016.

The launch was part of a 3 day workshop to streamline the concept and activities of the national ARDMP. The launching was preceded by a one day meeting of the NLPH on 14th September 2016 where the decision to institutionalize the ARDMP as an arm of the NLPH and a tool for data sharing and management under the NLPH was reached. Other issues discussed and recommendations made during the NLPH meeting include: a review of NLPH and the focal point ToRs to suit the national need, modalities of functioning, the internal structuring, meetings, means, resources persons and sustainability of the hub.

The primary objective of the Animal Resources Data Management Platform is therefore to improve policy and decision making through inter-Institutional collaborative and improved data collection and management. The NLPH and the ARDMP are being implemented with support provided by the African Union-Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR) under the “Reinforcing of Veterinary Governance in Africa” (Vet-Gov) project.

During the launching ceremony, the Secretary General highlighted the importance of improved data management as envisaged under this intervention which aims at bringing together all public and private institutions that are involved with livestock data collection and management under a common umbrella in order to strengthen information sharing. The Director of AU-IBAR, Prof Ahmed Elsawalhy in his speech read by Dr. Ibrahim Gashash Ahmed (Information System manager/Animal Resources Information System Coordinator) highlighted the importance of data and information for policy and decision making. He pointed out that AU-IBAR is supporting all AU-MSs in the area of data management through the ARIS programme, and further informed participants that the current intervention on establishment of national ARDMP is being piloted in selected 10 Member States including the Republic of Mali.

The three day workshop which was held from September 15th – 17th 2016 was attended by a total of 25 participants representing 21 public and private sector organizations in the country. They include representatives from the National Assembly, the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, the Ministry of Economy and Finances, Ministry of Environment, Sanitation and Sustainable Development, National Statistics Institute, Producer and value Chain associations and Civil Society Forum amongst others.

Presentations and group discussions were held on various topics including progress report on implementation of the VetGov project, the situation of the national livestock Policy hub (NLPH), the ARIS roll out, Data collection and indicator identification and stakeholder analysis etc. The operational modality of the platform was also discussed and a review of stakeholder analysis, identification of core livestock data and agreement on a framework for data collection and sharing between the various AR data collection and management Agencies and organizations was made. Finally the process for development of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, the Statistics and Planification Unit of Rural Development Sector and other partners was initiated while a draft work plan for the National ARDMP for 2016/2017 was developed.

Other recommendations made by participants include the:

  • Support of the Government to the ARDMP through the LPH giving some sustainability to this initiative,
  • ARDMP members to start sharing data to be streamlined by the ARDMP for producing results to be used by decision-makers,
  • ARDMP members to start awareness creation related to the importance of putting data together for a common use.

The workshop was closed with a resolve by representatives of the various partner Institutions to ensure that the objectives of establishing the platform are attained and for continued sustainability of the platform.