AU-IBAR Awards 2021

Subject Partner Nationality Date Amount (USD) Procurement method Locality
Enhancing sustainable fisheries management and aquaculture development in Africa: A programme for accelerated reform of the sector AUDA-NEPAD InterAfrican Organisation 08/02/2021 4,113,065 Direct AU Member States



Subject Supplier Nationality Date Amount (USD,) Procurement method Locality
Supply and delivery of a cold handling cabinet Diag Import & Export CC South Africa 28/05/2021 26,556 RFQ Botswana



Consultancy Services
Subject Consultant Nationality Date Amount (USD) Procurement method Locality
Animal Production Expert (Technology transfer and innovation) to support AU-IBAR Sustainable Development of Livestock for Livelihood in Africa (Live2Africa) EN Zimbabwe 05/02/2021 24,000 EOI Kenya
Investment & Marketing Expert KM Kenya 25/06/2021 36,000 EOI Kenya
Fisheries Management Expert MH Sierra Leone 25/06/2021 49,800 EOI Kenya
Value Chain Analysis and Mapping of the Red Meat and Live Animal Livestock Value Chain in InterGovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) region YY Ethiopia 07/06/2021 17,966 Open IGAD Region
Consultant to Support the Review of ARIS3 Modules Under Animal Production and Regional Livestock Value Chains Themes ANB Consulting Kenya 25/06/2021 27,000 EOI Kenya
Consultancy Service For Value Chain Analysis and Mapping of The Poultry Regional Livestock Value Chain In Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) Region EH Benin 22/03/2021 16,000 EOI Kenya
Consultancy Contract  to Develop an Implementation Plan and a Results Measurement Framework for Animal Welfare Strategy for Africa (AWSA) KA Benin 17/03/2021 15,000 EOI Kenya
Sub total Consultancy Services       185,766    



Non Consultancy Services
Subject Contractor Nationality Date Amount (USD) Procurement method Locality
Provision of Cleaning Services under Framework contract Parapet Cleaning Services Kenya 01/04/2021 64,000 Framework AU-IBAR/Kenya
Provision of Insurance Services AIG Insurance Kenya 28/07/2021 23,595 Framework AU-IBAR/Kenya
Sub total Non Consultancy Services       87,595