The Role of Technology and Innovation in One Health Resilience: Insights from SOHC 2024

Thu, 07-03-2024 15:00:00

AU-IBAR recently took part in the 2nd Somalia One Health Conference held in Mogadishu from March 3rd to 5th, 2024, under the theme "Empowering One Health Workforce to Drive Positive Change for Somalia and the World." The Conference was attended by various representatives from Government and Stakeholders playing key roles in One Health.

Dr. Huyam Salih, Director of AU-IBAR, delivered a keynote address during the conference, emphasizing the pressing need to address health risks at the human-animal-plant-environment interface. Dr. Salih highlighted challenges such as insufficient funding and weak collaboration, underscoring the importance of a One Health approach to optimize health outcomes. She also commended Somalia for hosting the conference and expressed hope for fruitful discussions and solutions to enhance One Health policies and actions.

During the three-day event, Dr. Salih presented on “The Role of Technology and Innovation in One Health Resilience.” She underscored the critical role of technology and innovation in building resilient One Health systems, particularly in Africa, where 75% of emerging diseases originate from animals. Dr. Salih emphasized the need for a paradigm shift towards multisectoral approaches outlined in the 'One Health Joint Plan of Action' 2022-2026. Digital technologies were highlighted as crucial for disease detection, prevention, and response, especially in pastoral communities. It was noted that AU-IBAR's initiative to establish the African Union Digital One Health platform aims to enhance data integration and inform policy formulation. Continuous innovation in One Health vaccinology and capacity-building efforts are deemed essential for building resilient systems.


The Somali One Health Conference, organized by the Somali One Health Centre of Abrar University, serves as a biennial platform dedicated to expanding One Health knowledge and actions in Somalia and beyond. The conference, consisted of six sessions covering various topics such as Capacity Building for a Resilient One Health Workforce, Zoonotic Diseases, Food Security, and Antimicrobial Resistance, aims to accelerate efforts towards national development plans, the African Agenda 2063, and the Sustainable Development Goals.