AU-IBAR and Partners Convene 2nd RAHS Project Steering Committee Meeting

AU-IBAR is implementing the project for Reinforcing Animal Health Services in Somalia (RAHS) in partnership with the Ministry of Livestock, Forestry and Range of the Federal Government of Somalia, the Ministry of Livestock and Animal Husbandry of the Puntland State of Somalia, the Ministry of Livestock, Somaliland and two NGOs, COOPI and Terra Nuova. The project aims to strengthen the policy and regulatory environment for animal health services delivery, public private and community partnerships to enhance access to animal health services and livestock disease surveillance and control systems in Somalia.

AU-IBAR convened the second steering committee meeting of the RAHS project for on 5th April 2017 at the Anderita Hotel in Entebbe, Uganda. This meeting was held back to back with the 2nd Steering committee meeting of the Project for Enhancing Somali Livestock Trade (ESOLT) held on 4th April 2017 and a two-day Somali Stakeholders’ Consultative meeting to address sustainable livestock exports, held from 6th -7th April 2017.

In attendance were the Minister responsible for Livestock in Somaliland, the State Minister of Livestock in the Puntland State of Somalia, the EU Programme Officer responsible for the livestock sector in the EU Somalia Delegation, the Chief Veterinary Officer of the Ministry of Livestock, Forestry and Range and representatives from FAO-Somalia, IGAD/ICPALD, COOPI, Terra Nuova, the Chambers of Commerce of Somaliland and Puntland and AU-IBAR.

The meeting reviewed the technical and financial performance of the project since the last Steering Committee meeting held on 22nd June 2016. The meeting also elaborated an exit strategy to ensure the completion of some critical activities and the sustainability of the achievements of RAHS. The meeting resolved that the project should focus on the exit strategy until its scheduled end date of 4th June 2017.

Taking cognizance of the prevailing severe drought conditions and the recently imposed livestock export ban by Saudi Arabia and their impacts on the livelihoods and economies of the Somali people as well as the livestock based economies, the meeting urged development partners to consider further support to the Somali livestock sector.