Framework for Rational Fisheries Management Plans for Selected Inland Water Bodies in Northern Region of Africa

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The objective of the Policy framework sand Reform strategy for fisheries and aquaculture in Africa (PFRS) is to create an environment policy environment for increasing the contribution of fisheries and aquaculture to food security, livelihoods and wealth. Improving governance through rational fisheries management plans is therefore considered as a strategic mechanism to achieve this objective.

uidelines to Support the Implementation of the Regional Frameworks on Environmental Management for Sustainable Aquaculture Development in Africa

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Africa’s total fish production does not meet the Continents food fish requirements. Africa has an estimated population of 1.6 billion people. The continents current food fish supply is estimated at about 9 kg per capita per annum while the global average has risen to approximately 20 kg capita per annum (FAO, 2016).

A Guide for Developing and Implementing Public-Private Partnership Models for Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture Development in Africa

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Public-Private Partnership (PPP) has been identified as one of the effective strategies with potential for the development of fisheries and aquaculture in Africa (AUC and NPCA,2014).The case for PPP is based on the premise that it is the private sector that creates the jobs, goods and services that the world’s poorest people so desperately need to lift themselves out of poverty – but this can only be possible where the public sec

Linkages and Inter-connectedness between Cross-border Fish Trade Corridors in Africa

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This study follows the EU funded Fisheries governance project (2014-2018) and the Fish trade project (2013 to 2018), that have contributed significantly to identification of the major policy issues, barriers, opportunities and priority actions for harmonization of four trade policies in four regions of the continent (West, Central, East and Southern).

Regulatory Framework and Mechanism for Monitoring the Exploitation and Trade in Ornamental Fish Species in Africa

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The extensive coral reefs and ornamentals stocks along the coastline of African member states are a valuable wealth of African natural resources. They have a potential to provide an important source of jobs, income, tourism, economic growth, livelihoods and food for a large proportion of the African’s communities. Africa supports globally significant marine and freshwater ornamental fisheries biodiversity that is being challenged by random, unorganized fishing practices.

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