Fisheries and Aquaculture Projects on the African Continent

Tue, 15-12-2015 15:00:00

The Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR) has noted that there are several projects and initiatives implemented on the continent contributing to the same ultimate goal. These different projects often cover the same geographical area and populations and frequently with the same actors. This situation makes difficult the visibility of the projects impacts and their real contribution has the sought-after common objective, the one of the sustainable management of the fisheries resources to reinforce their contribution to the food security and the economic growth in Africa.

To improve the consistency and the complementarity of the actions, AU-IBAR has embarked in the development of a metadatabase of fisheries and aquaculture projects on the continent. This database will provide information on what is been done where and by who and could be used for lessons learnt and information sharing that could lead into identification of areas that are not addressed and also reduce duplication for efficient use of resources. It’s in this frame that a request was sent to Director of fisheries and aquaculture of the African Union Member States, Development Partners, Regional Economic Communities, Regional Fisheries Bodies, Regional Fisheries Management Organisations, Non State Actors Organisation, etc.

We present here the preliminary results from this exercise and AU-IBAR would like sincerely thank you for your efforts and continuous support in achieving its mandate. Click Here to get access to the Inventory of Projects.

The questionnaire is available and can be sent to you if requested by:
Ms Hellen Moepi: and
Mr Joseph Mbane: