Strengthening Africa's Dairy Value Chain: AU-IBAR builds capacity of ESADA Board Members

Mon, 26-04-2021 15:00:00


AU-IBAR will from 27-29 April 2021 conduct a virtual capacity building workshop for the Eastern and Southern African Dairy Association (ESADA) Board members. The workshop will focus on strategic decision-making processes towards implementation of the ESADA 5 Year Strategic Plan & contribution to the overall transformation of the African dairy industry.

The capacity building workshop is being held under the Sustainable Development of Livestock for Livelihoods in Africa (Live2Africa) Project. The Live2Africa Project is delivering catalytic action that triggers both commercialization and an inclusive livestock sector transformation along selected regional livestock value chains (RLVCs).
The dairy sector is one of the prioritised value chains and its growth pathways under Live2Africa are being driven under ESADA. The Association is the biggest dairy grouping in Africa and it’s seized with spearheading development of the dairy sector through promoting and increasing trade in African dairy products. 

Under funding from the European Union, the project has already supported the development of ESADA 5-Year Strategic and Business Plan (2020-2024) that was adopted by the ESADA board during the Board Meeting held virtually on 16th March 2021.  Following the board meeting a number of activities meant to further strengthen the organisation were agreed upon transformation of the dairy sector. Capacity development of ESADA Board Members and dairy value chain actors to strengthen their capacity for driving the transformation agenda envisioned in the 5-Year Strategic Plan is one of the critical activities identified. This capacity building initiative is a necessary step towards equipping the Board members with skills and knowledge to make strategic decisions geared for dairy sector transformation and effective implementation of the ESADA 5-Year Strategic and Business Plan.

ESADA is a non-political membership organization for dairy stakeholders. Established in 2004, ESADA is a private sector initiative, with an overall mandate of promoting and advocating for efficient and effective means of achieving quality standards in Africa’s dairy sector as well as promoting trade in African dairy products within and without the ESA region. ESADA Currently represents 13 countries in the Eastern and Southern African region namely: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Madagascar, Mauritius and Mozambique.

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