The Kenya Livestock Breeds Catalogue Launched to Showcase Livestock Diversity Information

Fri, 09-07-2021 15:00:00

In 2019, AU-IBAR provided financial support during the various preparation write shops, the field data collection exercise and the printing of the first National Livestock Breeds Catalogue for Kenya. This initiative was undertaken during the Genetics Project, under the funding of the European Union. On Wednesday 7th July, 2021, the State Department of Livestock handed over some catalogues to AU-IBAR for further dissemination.

The catalogue was developed through a consultative process involving key stakeholders in the livestock industry. It highlights the diversity of animal genetic resources (AnGR) in Kenya covering the various species and breeds that are used for food and agriculture. They include cattle, goats, sheep, camel, poultry, pigs, donkeys, rabbits and honey bees. The catalogue further provides consolidated information on livestock diversity available in Kenya, including their distribution, utilization, current status and associated risks. 

The document is expected to create awareness of breeds that are currently underutilized, but are of great importance. In addition, it is envisaged to create an opportunity for developing breeding interventions and strategies for well-structured and implementable breeding programmes.

Access the Kenya Livestock Breeds Catalogue: