AU-IBAR supports Mali in practical veterinary performance through the validation of Veterinary Pharmacy and Animal Welfare Law

Tue, 27-04-2021 15:00:00


AU-IBAR, through the Pan-African Support to the AU-IBAR for a Sustainable Development of Livestock for Livelihoods in Africa (Live2Africa) Project is leading charge to win animals the legal protection they so desperately deserve.  With funding from the European Union, African Union Member States are updating their Veterinary legislation, which is a pre-requisite for the implementation of OIE standards to ensure effective veterinary service delivery and harmonisation of animal health interventions at regional level. 

From 2019, Mali has received support from AU-IBAR to update and review the laws governing veterinary pharmacy and animal welfare. The legislation has already been passed by parliament. Mali has also drafted regulations to guide implementation of the laws.  From 27-29 April, 2021, the Ministry of Agriculture held a validation workshop to validate the text on the regulations.  

As persons in charge of and dealing with animals, the law will ensure that veterinarians have the same responsibilities to those animals under the act as the rest of the community. The law will therefore also allow for the controls on the manufacture, authorisation, marketing, distribution and post-authorisation surveillance of veterinary medicines applicable within the country. 

The Directive provides the basis for the control on veterinary medicines, which are periodically revoked and replaced after consultation with interested groups to ensure that they are up-to-date and fit for purpose.
This intervention will assure the protection and advancement of the veterinary profession by ensuring that the interest of animals is adhered to.  The engagement of stakeholders will further guide the implementation of the veterinary pharmacy and animal welfare laws.