AU-IBAR support to Kenya in the development of National Livestock Master Plan

Thu, 11-02-2021 15:00:00
AU IBAR support Kenya LMP


“Enhancing investments in the livestock sector for food security and economic empowerment” was the theme of the workshop held from 9th to 11th February at Naivasha, Kenya. The workshop gave the various participants an opportunity to deliberate on prioritized livestock sector value chains and data sources for the development of the Kenya Livestock Master Plan (KLMP). It is an essential step towards the support of the livestock sector's to emerge on national maps of finance and budgeting; and to enhance their contribution to food and nutrition security, poverty alleviation; livelihood and economic growth.

The KLMP development process is being led by the Department for Livestock Ministry of Agriculture Livestock Fisheries and Cooperatives. The KLMP process enables identifying the needed investments and policies to develop the Livestock Sector after carrying out baseline data survey and analysis to demonstrate the potential returns on investment of combined livestock interventions. This process will increase the Livestock Sector’s contribution to national development objectives sustainably. It will further provide government livestock experts and planners training to carry out evidence-based, realistic investment planning to raise livestock sector investments.

“The overall role of the National Livestock Master Plan is to guide the development of a sustainable livestock sector and attract more and better-targeted livestock sector investments from the government, development partners, and private sector investors” said Harry Kimtai, Principal Secretary of the State Department in the opening ceremony.

Furthermore, Talal Kishlaf, officer in charge of AU-IBAR, emphasized the commitment of the AU-IBAR in supporting the Republic of Kenya in this journey of developing and implementing the Kenya LMP.

“As Africa’s population continues to grow, more demand is being placed on the animal resources to contribute to food security; jobs and wealth creation; and better livelihood for all African communities. This demands more investment in the Livestock sector. Therefore, the need to substantially incorporate livestock in the National Agriculture Investment Plans. Therefore the Kenya LMP will provide proper targeting of livestock in National Livestock Master Plan thus raising the visibility of livestock and attract more investments” said Talal Kishlaf.

© 2021 AU-IBAR. Dr. Sarah Ossiya, Project Officer Live2Africa, on ‘’the AU-IBAR Tool for Consensus Building on Existing Prioritised Regional Livestock Value Chains: Tools and Experience’’The AU-IBAR is providing technical support to several countries in the development of Livestock Master Plans under the Sustainable Development of Livestock for Livelihoods in Africa Project (Live2Africa) , with financial support from the European Union. The AU-IBAR Tool for consensus building on Existing Prioritized Regional Livestock Value chains is being used during the process.

Moreover, in line with its mandate to support and coordinate the sustainable development and utilization of animal resources in the Member States of the African Union, AU-IBAR is currently supporting member state to domesticate the Livestock Development Strategy for Africa (LiDeSA) which provides a framework for shifting member state and Regional Economic Communities away from short or annual planning to long term strategic approaches.

The Kenya LMP is specifically geared towards achieving the following four objectives:

  1. To build the capacity of the national and county livestock sector technical staff and policymakers to carry out evidence-based investment planning
  2. To conduct evidence-based livestock sector analysis and set a stage for developing alternative scenarios to be considered in the foresight analysis
  3. To develop a long term (15-year) livestock modernization sector strategy that considers all the three dimensions of sustainability: economic, social, and environmental, based on foresight analysis
  4. To develop an investment action plan with commodity value chain “road maps”, support promotion and advocacy efforts, and initiate implementation

The workshop was jointly supported by other partners, namely: Union European (EU), International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD). In the process of the development of the master plan, Kenya Marketing Trust (KTM), Kenyan Non-Governmental organization will be one the implementing partner that will bear the responsibilities of mobilizing private sector participation.