AU-IBAR Strenghthens Livestock Economics Policy Networks

Fri, 30-06-2017 15:00:00

A meeting was held in Entebbe, Uganda on 27th-28th June 2017 on Livestock Socio-economics and Policy Network (LSPNet) by AU-IBAR and FAO. LSPNet was established in 2013 to address the inadequate policies and unsound investment in animal health and livestock in general.

The aim of the workshop was to discuss the findings of the status of the four key ingredients supporting evidence-based policymaking and chart the way forward to address the gaps; Share information on livestock policy related projects in Africa and outputs from the projects and explore targeted roles that the LSPNet can undertake to further interventions in support of (i) gaps identified from the policy capacity studies (ii) current global animal health concerns.

Presentations on "Current status of livestock development in Africa, challenges and policy implications" and on "Livestock Policy landscape in Africa" were made by Dr Mphumuzi Sukati, who heads the economics, trade and marketing unit of AU-IBAR. Dr Anne Kigezo (Programme Officer – AU-IBAR) made a presentation on "VET-GOV successful livestock policy formulation case studies, LIDESA and its implication for livestock policies in Africa" Key outcomes of the workshop were the need to maintain the LSPNET and to find ways of integrating livestock economics in veterinary curriculum for training institution in Africa.