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The African Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR) is a technical office of the African Union Commission based in Nairobi; mandated to provide leadership in the development of animal resources for Africa by supporting and empowering the African Union Member States and the Regional Economic Communities (RECs). 
AU-IBAR’s vision is of an Africa free from hunger and poverty in which animal resources make a significant contribution within the global arena. Founded in 1951 to study the epidemiological situation and fight rinderpest in Africa, AU-IBAR’s mandate has evolved to cover all aspects of animal resources, including livestock, fisheries and wildlife, across the entire African continent, and fills a unique and strategic niche by working at continental and regional levels, with the RECs being key partners.


There is a consensus within Africa that agriculture needs to be transformed using the powers of science, technology and agribusiness and importantly through enabling policy frameworks, institutional and human capacity development. Policy transformation and human capacity development linked to agribusiness development and management have emerged as critical tools that can be used to advocate for greater intra-African trade. 

The coming into force of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) further reinforces the importance of having a strong agribusiness base to contribute to boosting the productive capacity in the agricultural sector. One important benefit of the AFCFTA is the obligation that participating trading countries grant each other trade preferences. In this way, AfCFTA member countries would source more intermediate and final goods among themselves rather than import from abroad. This inherent demand for goods within the AfCFTA could catalyze productive and manufacturing capacities in Africa and thereby boost intra-African trade. To enable farmers, manufactures, traders and other players in the agricultural sector take advantage of this preferential trading requirement, a strong agribusiness base is required to support the development of national and regional value chains. This is why programmes that promote agribusiness development and management are become very important. 

As part of its contribution to job and wealth creation, AU-IBAR works with African women and youth who are aspiring entrepreneurs, or start-ups or SMEs operating or planning to start an enterprise in the animal resources agribusiness field.  In order to strengthen AU-IBAR’s role in delivering agribusiness and investment support programmes to Member States, AU-IBAR intends to reinforce knowledge and skills of staff to enable the deployment of life changing agribusiness programmes. 

Purpose and scope

The overall purpose of this assignment is to provide the skills and knowledge needed to enable the setting up, management and sustenance of agribusiness operations to profitability. 
The consultant is expected to design this process and to assign time frames to it.

Activites / Deliverables

  1. How to start up, manage and sustain agribusiness operations to profitability,
  2. Emerging trends and start-up opportunities, 
  3. How to identify market gaps and conduct customer-product mapping,
  4. How to develop and roll out market entry strategies,
  5. Transitioning from subsistence to commercial operations,
  6. Understanding supply chain management in agribusiness operations,
  7. Business financials, investment and regulatory compliances, 
  8. Managing business partnerships, networks and team building

Duration and Management

The consultancy will be for three (3) days, under the supervision of the Snr. Human Resources and Administration Officer. The number of participants to be trained will be sixteen (16)


Qualifications and Experiences

  1. The lead consultant should have Advanced degree/ Post Graduate  training experience 
  2. Eight (8) years proven experience of facilitating training sessions in Agribusiness, investment and value chain-related programs in medium and large scale organizations.
  3. The co – trainer to have an advanced degree preferably in Agribusiness and investment.
  4. Proven experience of Agribusiness and investment training.
  5. Demonstrated knowledge and advanced skills and at least 8 years of previous experience in the facilitation of Agribusiness and investment for medium and large-scale organizations
  6. Excellent facilitation and communication skills in English (oral and written)
  7. Excellent rapporteur and analytical skills necessary for capturing the reviews and suggestions that will emerge from the interactive sessions during the exercise
  8. Flexible nature and ability to adapt to changing directions/thinking that may occur during the Retreat
  9. Excellent interpersonal skills
  10. The support consultants to have a combination of an advanced degree in Agribusiness and investment and at least 5 years’ experience in Agribusiness and investment as well as the elements captured in 4 to 7.



The estimated total cost for this assignment should cover professional fees, field travels & accommodation (where applicable), equipment hire, and any other costs related to the assignment.


Submission Procedure:

Firms/individual consultants that wish to show their interest in undertaking the prescribed work are to email and/or send hard copies of the following:

  1. Technical Proposal (clearly marked “Proposal for Agribusiness and investment consultancy for AU-IBAR”) that will include:
              - Interpretation of the TORs
              - Methodology to be used in undertaking the assignment 
              - Programmes, Time and activity schedule
              - Organizational and/or Personnel Capacity Statement
              - Relevant experience related to the assignment
              - Curriculum Vitae of the Team leader and other team members
  2. Financial proposal not exceeding 2 pages (clearly marked “Financial Proposal for Agribusiness and investment  for AU-IBAR”) that will include:
              -  Consultant’s daily rates.
              -  Any other related costs
  3. Financial proposal must clearly quote for online and physical training separately. 
Submission of Applications

Send the specified documents above to:    
Technical and Financial Proposals should be sent in separate PDF files on or before 26th September 2021 at 5.00 P.M  E.A.T to  with subject “Proposal for Agribusiness and Investment for AU-IBAR.”

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Sunday, 26 September, 2021