Upcoming Event: Fourth Project Technical Coordination Committee Meeting for FishGov2 Project

Mon, 27-11-2023 15:00:00

The upcoming Fourth Project Technical Coordination Committee Meeting for the Enhancing Sustainable Fisheries Management and Aquaculture Development in Africa (FishGov 2 Project) will be an important milestone in the promotion of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture across Africa. This significant event is scheduled for November 28th and 29th, 2023 in Mombasa, Kenya. The proceedings will begin with introductory statements from AU-IBAR, AUDA-NEPAD, FAO, the EU, and the Kenyan Government. The Director of AU-IBAR, Dr. Huyam Salih, will represent the organisation while setting the tone for successful discussions and strategic planning sessions.

Day 1: Building Momentum
There will be numerous technical sessions on the agenda for the first day. Mrs. Hellen Guebama will provide an overview of the recommendations made at the last meeting. The relevance of informed interventions and the value addition in fisheries will be emphasised as representatives from the African Union Centres of Excellence in Fisheries and Aquaculture share lessons and best practices. The day's main event will be a roundtable discussion on knowledge products resulting from project execution, with the aim of fostering sustainable fisheries based on evidence. These seminars will establish a collaborative environment for sharing expertise and shaping policy reforms.

Day 2: Charting the Course
The second day will feature presentations on the project's finer points, including its budget, execution rates, communication methods, and work plan for 2024. Mrs. Patricia Lumba will throw light on knowledge management, communication and visibility strategy implementation, while Mr. Kennedy Oroko will explain the roadmap for the coming year. The afternoon will focus on making suggestions to the Third Project Steering Committee in an effort to establish concrete next steps for the project.

Plenary & Closure
The plenary session will review and adopt the communique and recommendations, culminating in closing remarks from AUDA-NEPAD, AU-IBAR, and the Government of Kenya, signifying a collective commitment to advancing sustainable fisheries management.

Key Takeaways
The Fourth Project Technical Coordination Committee Meeting will present experience, best practises, and strategic planning to improve African fisheries and aquaculture. This effort will stimulate collaboration, knowledge sharing, and a more sustainable and successful fisheries and aquaculture future on the continent. The FishGov 2 Project, operated within the Animal Production Unit of AU-IBAR, facilitates rapid reform within the sector. It serves as a sequel to the initial phase, FishGov 1, which ran from 2014 to 2018. Supported by the European Union, FishGov 2's implementation spans from 2021 to 2025.

Stay tuned for the outcomes and key highlights from this pivotal event.