Supporting Investments in the Livestock Sector: Regional Workshop on Livestock Master Plans

Sun, 14-05-2023 15:00:00

AU-IBAR participated in a regional workshop on May 8-9, 2023, alongside other key stakeholders, namely FAO, ILRI, and CIRAD Agricultural Research and Development to discuss the development of Livestock Master Plans in facilitating investments in Africa. The gathering was convened with the aim of expediting measures towards achieving sustainable livestock transformation in Africa. The conference spanned over 2 days brought together delegates from financial institutions, intergovernmental organisations, development and research institutions, as well as governments. Distinguished representatives present at the event included Ambassador Carla Mucavi from FAO, Ian Wright from ILRI, Fabrice Pinard from CIRAD, and Nick Nwankpa, the Acting Director of AU-IBAR/s, who delivered the introductory statements.

The workshop focused on the potential of these plans to enhance policy-making and investment decisions, as well as to augment funding for the livestock sector and its associated value chains, which represent a significant source of revenue for the continent. A presentation was delivered by AU-IBAR regarding the prospects for investing in livestock in Africa, with a focus on the correlation between regional policies and investment plans such as CAADP and NAIPs. 

The conference featured several significant sessions, such as "Setting the Scene: Challenges, Opportunities, Investment Options," "Developing a Livestock Master Plan," and "Examining Livestock Environment and Climate Finance." Additionally, there were discussions with International Financing Institutions and Partners to exchange information regarding their interests, as well as their requirements for tools and implementation support for future investment design.

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