The Sixth General Assembly of APRIFAAS: Fostering Regional Cooperation for Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture

Mon, 09-10-2023 15:00:00

October 11-12, 2023 - Tangier, Morocco

The city of Tangier, Morocco, is set to host the upcoming Sixth General Assembly of the Africa Platform for Regional Institutions in Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Systems (APRIFAAS) from October 11-12, 2023. Under the theme, "Enhancing regional cooperation for the best integration of environmental issues in fisheries and aquaculture," the assembly promises to be a key event in the realm of African fisheries and aquaculture.

The assembly will include technical sessions focusing on APRIFAAS's progress, implementation of recommendations from the previous assembly, and systematic exchange of information between regional institutions. Participants will engage in discussions about media and communication activities, APRIFAAS work plans, and improving dialogue between stakeholders.

A session will also delve into environmental issues in fisheries and aquaculture. Experts will present on various topics, including environmental management in shared freshwater ecosystems, challenges in marine ecosystems, and environmental considerations in aquaculture. The day will conclude with a plenary session discussing functional institutional coordination between regional bodies.

Another key session will be on strengthening the African voice in international forums and dialogues. The session will cover the role of regional fishery bodies, outcomes of international conferences, and preparation for upcoming global meetings. Discussions will aim to enhance Africa's position in global fora and foster cooperation among regional bodies.
Plenary sessions will be part of the programme to discuss achievements in enhancing regional cooperation for environmental integration are discussed. Delegates will review the progress made, exchange valuable insights, and explore ways to further enhance cooperation.

The assembly will conclude with a wrap-up discussion, the election of the new bureau, and the announcement of the date and venue for the next APRIFAAS meeting. In this crucial gathering, stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and regions unite, bringing fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to the table. With a focus on collaboration, environmental integration, and sustainable practices, APRIFAAS continues to lead the way towards a more prosperous and ecologically conscious future for African fisheries and aquaculture.

The APRIFAAS Bureau meeting will precede the 6th APRIFAAS meeting. The support for APRIFAAS from AU-IBAR is provided through the European Union under the FishGov 2 Project.

Picture: 5th APRIFAAS General Meeting held in Rabat, Morocco in 2022