New Release - Continental Strategy for Gender Mainstreaming in Conservation of Aquatic Biodiversity and Environmental Management in Africa

Sun, 26-11-2023 15:00:00

We are delighted to announce the release of one of our latest publications that seeks to promote gender equality in environmental management and conservation across the African continent. Introducing the "Continental Strategy for Gender Mainstreaming in Conservation of Aquatic Biodiversity and Environmental Management."

What is in the Strategy?
This comprehensive strategy outlines priority issues and essential actions crucial for empowering women and strengthening their role in the conservation of aquatic biodiversity and environmental management within Africa. It provides a roadmap for integrating gender perspectives into these critical areas, ensuring inclusivity, diversity, and sustainable practices.

Key Highlights:
•    Empowering Women: The strategy identifies key avenues for empowering women in environmental stewardship, acknowledging their crucial role in preserving aquatic biodiversity.
•    Priority Issues: It addresses the pressing issues that hinder gender equality within the conservation landscape, offering actionable steps for overcoming these challenges.
•    Strategic Actions: With a focus on actionable steps, the strategy highlights specific measures necessary for promoting inclusivity and gender mainstreaming in conservation efforts.

Why It Matters:
The conservation of aquatic biodiversity is vital for sustainable development and the well-being of communities across Africa. By prioritizing gender equality and inclusivity in environmental management, this strategy ensures that all voices are heard and valued, fostering more effective and sustainable conservation practices.

Unite with Us:
We invite stakeholders, conservationists, policymakers, and advocates to join us in embracing this pivotal strategy. Together, let's champion gender equality and empower women as leaders and agents of change in the conservation and environmental management landscape.

Let's make a difference, together!

Access the Strategy: 

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