New Policy Brief Release: "Improving Data Collection, Dissemination, and Sharing for Small-Scale Fisheries Development in Africa"

Sun, 26-11-2023 15:00:00

Presenting insights from the inaugural meeting of the African Fisheries Reform Mechanism (AFRM) Think Tanks Executive Committee, this brief is a collaborative effort with the AFRM Small Scale Fisheries (SSF) Working Group and regional experts.

•    African SSF contribute over 60% to fisheries production, supporting livelihoods and food security.
•    Challenges include weak governance, inadequate data, and high post-harvest losses.
•    The policy brief emphasizes the critical role of accurate and timely data for sustainable SSF development.

Key Issues:
•    Weak institutional capacities for data collection and interpretation.
•    Inadequate funding and low investment in data collection.
•    Limited adoption of modern technologies for data collection.

Main Actions for Success:
•    Disseminate Pan African Fisheries Data Collection Strategy.
•    Conduct targeted training for AU Member States.
•    Source adequate funding for data collection systems.
•    Incorporate fisheries data in the Animal Resource Information System (ARIS) at AU-IBAR.

Policy Recommendations:
•    Fast-track the incorporation of fisheries data into the Animal Resources Information System at AU-IBAR.
•    Build capacity at community and institutional levels for data collection.
•    Standardize and harmonize data collection protocols.
•    Enhance application of modern technologies for data collection.

Improving data collection, sharing, and dissemination is crucial for the sustainable management and development of Small-Scale Fisheries in Africa. Robust mechanisms are needed for informed policy decisions and the empowerment of fishing communities. 

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