FishGov 2 Project Steering Committee hold 2nd Sitting to Review Progress and Implementation of Project

Mon, 19-12-2022 15:00:00


The Steering Committee of the “Enhancing Sustainable Fisheries Management and Aquaculture Development in Africa: A Programme for Accelerated Reform of the Sector” - (FishGov 2) held its 2nd meeting in Nairobi, Kenya on December 2022. The meeting comprised 41 participants drawn from SC Membership representation from across the continent; such as: ministerial representatives from Cote D’Ivoire, Gabon, Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, and Rwanda. AUDA-NEPAD, as a project implementing partner was also present. The meeting was officially opened by H.E. Hon. Salim Mvurya, EGH, CS for Mining, Blue Economy and Maritan Affairs, of the Government of Kenya.

At this meeting, several decisions and recommendations were taken such as the need to further engage RECs to work with AU-IBAR in the implementation of FishGov2 project activities; the translation of research outputs and studies of the Centres of Excellence developed into 2–3-page policy briefs, and other multimedia awareness products suited for public awareness.

The Steering Meeting recommendations were informed by conclusions of the 3rd Technical Committee that was held from 7-8 December 2022. This year's Technical Committee Meeting focused on (i) the FishGov2 status; (ii) Outcomes and process of ongoing studies by Centres of Excellence; (iii) Progress of ongoing studies (Plan of work and proposed methodology); and (iv) Synergies with regional fisheries, aquaculture, and related projects and programmes & (v) Steering committee suggestions. The technical Committee Meeting was officially opened by Ms. Betsy Njagi, Principal Secretary for the State Department of Blue Economy and Fisheries of Kenya.

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