AUDA-NEPAD and AU-IBAR strengthen media reporting on Fisheries and aquaculture

Wed, 10-11-2021 15:00:00

A media awareness on ‘Enhancing Sustainable Fisheries Management and Aquaculture Development in Africa, in the framework of the programme for accelerated reform of the Sector (Fisheries Governance 2 Project)” is being held in Zanzibar, Tanzania from 9-12 November, 2021.
The workshop is a flagship initiative funded by the European Union that is driven by the collaboration between AUDA-NEPAD and AU-IBAR in accelerating fisheries and aquaculture governance. Additionally, the workshop seeks to serve as a pivotal milestone to strengthen and provide a platform for media to continue exchanging knowledge and lessons, as their experience in reporting grows within the context of having current information on the fisheries and aquaculture sector. 

The workshop programme includes introductions to the continental policies on fisheries and aquaculture, and the Fisheries Governance 2 Project; introduction of regional policies from the East Africa Community and Southern Africa Development Community. An information sharing session has been slotted to give context on issues relating to small-scale fisheries, Social, economic, ecological Impact of IUU, Fish trade flows, environmental management in aquaculture production systems, and Aquaculture in Africa & opportunities for media engagement 

In addition to greater awareness of AU-IBAR, AUDA-NEPAD and key policy instruments, A key outcome of the meeting will be the validation of the FishGov 2 Communication and Visibility Strategy in order to provide input towards it’s implementation and build a stronger working relationship between the media and FishGov 2 stakeholders. 

The highly interactive workshop, that also has factored in a visit to the coastal area of to tour the seaweed woman-ran initiative is also providing opportunities for over 30 media personnel from across all the regions to interact with experts and practitioners in fisheries and aquaculture, and strengthen learning and knowledge sharing that is expected to continue beyond the workshop period through regular online interaction via AU-IBAR’s online platform.

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