AU-IBAR Announces New Director - Dr. Huyam Ahmed Mohammed Elamin Salih

Tue, 08-08-2023 15:00:00

It is with great pleasure that AU-IBAR announces the appointment of Dr. Huyam Ahmed MohammedElamin Salih as the esteemed Director of AU-IBAR, effective 7th August 2023.

Dr. Salih, possesses a distinguished Ph.D. in Veterinary Epidemiology, which has equipped her with an extensive knowledge base. With an impressive track record spanning over two decades, she has spearheaded numerous ground-breaking initiatives in the domains of livestock development, disease prevention, and animal health interventions, leaving an indelible impact on a global level.

Dr. Salih's impressive academic background includes a distinguished PhD in Preventive Medicine and Veterinary Public Health, complemented by a Master's Degree in Tropical Animal Health. She is an esteemed visionary leader who has consistently advocated for and championed the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices and the promotion of animal health.

Dr. Salih has demonstrated a remarkable level of proficiency and has made significant contributions in various areas. These areas encompass a wide range of expertise, which have been instrumental in enhancing their overall impact and effectiveness. Her extensive expertise and contributions include:

•    Risk assessment and early warning for Transboundary animal diseases
•    Expanding livestock value chains, ensuring the linkage to small holder producers
•    Ensuring compliance with international sanitary measures
•    Strengthen capacities for antimicrobial resistance’s Monitoring and Evaluation and supporting monitoring of Global Action Plan on AMR (GAP) and FAO AMR Action Plan.

Additionally, Dr. Salih has played a pivotal role in championing the adoption of a One Health approach, and facilitating extensive collaboration among various sectors to effectively tackle the pressing issues of Antimicrobial Resistance and zoonotic diseases.

On August 7, 2023, during a meeting with AU-IBAR personnel, Dr. Salih stated:

“I look forward to working with everyone at the AU-IBAR. I will endeavour to promote transparency, honesty and collaboration and results achieving amongst teams as I am a team player. As the first woman Director at AU-IBAR, I want us to work well together for the benefit of the organisation and continent. We spend most of our time at the office, I want us to collaborate well and ensure the working environment is conducive for everyone. I like the diversity in the organisation. I hope to see more African countries represented in the personnel” 

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Dr. Huyam Salih as she commences her new journey at AU-IBAR, where she will be dedicated to advancing livestock development throughout Africa and beyond.