Africa's Awakening: Prioritizing Global Food Safety through Codex Standards and Partnership

Sat, 30-03-2024 15:00:00

Africa is increasingly prioritizing food safety, evident through initiatives like the AU Food Safety Strategy 2022-2036 and Kenya's leadership in the Codex Committee on Food Hygiene.

In an interview, John Oppong-Otoo, the African Union's Food Safety Officer, and Coordinator - Economics, Marketing, Trade Unit, emphasized the importance of investing in improving food safety, particularly in traditional markets where 70 percent of urban households in Africa purchase food. He highlighted Africa's commitment to Codex standards as key to achieving food safety goals. The Codex Trust Fund plays a crucial role in supporting African nations to improve their capacity to participate in Codex standards setting. Oppong-Otoo emphasized Africa's readiness to partner with the global community to ensure food safety remains a priority continent-wide. 

AU-IBAR is actively involved in advocating for food safety standards aligned with Codex and supporting African nations in enhancing their capacity to adhere to these standards, thus contributing to the continent's commitment to prioritize global food safety.

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