Procurement Number: 10/AU-IBAR/CAMPUS/W/21 - Tender for Design and Construction of The African Union Campus in Nairobi, Kenya

Opportunity Type

Invitation for Bids (IFB)

Tender for design and construction of the African Union Campus in Nairobi, Kenya

The African Union Commission has allocated funds for procurement of works for design and construction of the African Union campus in Nairobi, Kenya and now invites bids from eligible bidders for the works to be implemented in three phases.

Bidding is open for all NCA1 and above for local contractors or equivalent for international contractors. This Procurement process will be conducted in accordance with the procurement of works under open bidding procedure and in accordance with the relevant Rules and Regulations of the Commission of the African Union.

Bidders are required to furnish the following:

  1. Signed Bid form (Format provided in Section 4 of the Bid document)
  2. Valid Business Registration Documents
  3. Current Certificate of Registration with National Construction Authority in the Category (1) together with a valid NCA practicing license for Kenyan contractors or Equivalent for others
  4. Tax Certificates (Tax Clearance, VAT certificate, Taxpayers registration)
  5. Written Power of Attorney (authority to sign bid documents)
  6. Curriculum Vitae of (CVs) of Project Manager and Key Technical Staffs
  7. Proof of Having Performed Similar Works In The Previous 5 Years
  8. List Of Equipment To Be Used
  9. Bid Security (US$ 90,000 or local currency equivalent using UN exchange rate at the date of bid submission deadline). This must be enclosed in the technical submission,
  10. Complete set of design of the project.
  11. Priced Bills of Quantities (BOQs)(With the financial submission)
  12. Signed Declaration on Exclusion Criteria

Please note that the Personal Data & Privacy Statement provided is for perusal and notice. It requires no action.

  • Interested and Eligible Bidders are to express their interest by filling the application form with relevant information as requested on the application portal.  
  • Bidders are strongly advised to submit contactable emails and phone number for ease of communication.
  • The Application Portal will be active for a period of Nine (9) Weeks starting from the date of advertisement of the Bid and shall be open from 22nd October  2021 – 21st  December 2021.
  • Bidders MUST possess the below listed documents before commencing the application process and shall submit them along with other requirements during bid submission:
  • Valid Business Registration Documents
  • Current Certificate of Registration with the National Construction Authority in the Category (1) together with a valid NCA practicing license for Kenyan contractors or Equivalent for others
  • VAT Certificate
  • TAX Payer’s Registration Certificate

Bidders who do not expressed their interest before the application deadline will not be able to access the portal.

Access to Online Application Form

The Application form can be accessed via the following link: Forms

Access to Bid Documents

The link for accessing the bid documents will be sent to eligible bidders who have completely and accurately submitted all requirements requested for on the Application form.

Bid Validity

Bid must be valid for 90 Calendar days from the bid closing date.

Site Visit

Shall be arranged on appointment.

Clarification Requests

Clarification requests should be in writing, addressed to


Submission of Applications

Bid Submission Modalities & Submission Deadline

This is a TWO envelope bidding.  Bidders should ensure that the Technical and Financial proposals are enclosed in TWO separate electronic folders clearly indicating the title and Procurement number.

  1. Due to Covid-19 safety precautions, bidders will be required to submit bids ELECTRONICALLY.
  2. Technical and Financial Bids must be in PDF format.
  3. During bid submission, bidders are required to secure their electronic Financial Proposals with appropriate Password which will be communicated officially upon request (at the time of financial bid opening) by the AUC.
  4. The deadline for submission of bids will be 21st December 2021 at 15:00 hours

Bid Opening

Bids will be opened immediately after the bid closing deadline, at 15:30 hours Nairobi, Kenya Local Time on 21st December 2021 in the presence of bidders or bidders’ representatives who choose to attend the bid opening session virtually. The link shall be shared with all bidders in advance. Late bids will be rejected.

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African Union Declaration Form (32.5 KB) 32.5 KB
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Closing Date
Tuesday, 21 December, 2021