Consultancy for an Animal Welfare Expert to Support the Implementation of The Animal Welfare Strategy for Africa (AWSA) And APAW Secretariat (APAW)

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The African Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR) is a specialized technical office of the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Blue Economy and Sustainable Environment (DARBE) of the African Union Commission (AUC). AU-IBAR is mandated to support and coordinate the sustainable development and utilization of animal resources (livestock, fisheries and wildlife) to enhance nutrition and food security and contribute to the wellbeing and prosperity of the people in the Member State of the AU.

Animals, humans and the broader ecosystem are connected and they interact inextricably. Animals are a critical part of nature’s ecosystem, both on land and in water, especially given that their free movement contributes to the sequestration of carbon. Changes in land use have a direct impact on the welfare of animals. Their abuse or overexploitation also disrupts their ability to contribute to the welfare of natural ecosystems. Being sentient, the reaction of animals to human action that affects them at the physical, physiological and psychological level has, by extension, an impact on the welfare of nature’s ecosystems.  It is therefore evident that their welfare is crucial to sustainable development and to address climate change. To address the issue of animal welfare in Africa, the AU-IBAR has, with the support of its stakeholders in the continent, developed the animal welfare strategy for Africa (AWSA), and established and operationalized the Africa Platform for Animal Welfare (APAW) to coordinate the implementation of the AWSA. Out of the APAW, a Coordination Committee of the APAW was established, which is expected to work closely with the AU-IBAR. AU-IBAR is the Secretariat of the APAW.

As one of the ad-hoc groups described in APAW governance document, i. the Coordination Committee has established a Partners/NGO Working Group made up of AU-IBAR-supporting stakeholders to find ways in which Partners/NGO’s can support the implementation of the AWSA and APAW secretariat through technical and financial support to the AU IBAR ii. A member of the AU-IBAR will be nominated to join the Partners/NGO Working Group. iii The Working Group will formulate proposals designed to address technical and financial resource shortfalls within the APAW Secretariat at AU-IBAR so that AWSA and Action Plan implementation is progressed.  iv. The Working Group will operate in compliance with the horizontal rules and report to the Coordination Committee of APAW as required.

To this effect, AU-IBAR with the support of animal welfare partners namely Donkey Sanctuary, World Horse Welfare, World Animal Protection, and Brooke Hospital for animals, Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW), The Society for Protection of Abroad (SPANA) among others, is seeking to recruit an Animal Welfare Expert to support the implementation of Animal Welfare Strategy for Africa (AWSA).

Scope of Work

Under the direct supervision of the Senior Animal Health Officer and the Welfare Technical Lead at AU-IBAR, the incumbent will undertake the following targeted areas of work so as to achieve the objectives of this contract:

  • Support APAW Secretariat at AU-IBAR in coordinating and implementing AW related activities with Regional Economic Communities (RECs), Member States (MSs) and the Partners/NGOs,
  • Implement and provide regular progress reviews / feedback / communication mechanisms and exchange on the AWSA and Action Plan implementation progress;
  • Update, arrange and calendarise Coordination Committee and General Assembly meetings;
  • Provide support for consultancies and studies such as the development of national and regional AW strategies, establishment and operationalization of the regional AW networks among others.
  • Provide technical support to the technical lead of AW at AU-IBAR in the development and implementation of the annual workplan of AWSA.   
  • Advising on (existing/remaining) actions/capacity/consultancy needs for priority actions.
  • Scrutinise RAWS and Action Plans, and advise on priorities and logical ordering of projects (and feasibility of included actions). This will include assessing what resources are actually needed for the project and from where they can most easily be derived.  
  • Support the coordination with Working Groups, NGOs and APAW on in-house skills/experience, to ensure this is maximised
  • Assess best available skills/resources/expertise for priority actions (including through NGOs, MSs and RECs).
  • Advise on working groups of interested APAW members for priority projects.
  • Support the development of detailed Action Plans for priority projects – timed, with responsibility and resource allocations.
  • Champion for the establishment and operationalization of Regional Animal Welfare Networks in Africa and at Member State level;
  • Perform any other duties given by AU-IBAR’s Director.


Education and Experience

  • A minimum of postgraduate degree in animal sciences, veterinary and animal production.
  • At least 10 years of progressive experience in animal resource development, animal health and welfare, policy, and strategy development, including work with international organizations, and government in the relevant areas of the assignment.
  • Knowledge and experience of the animal welfare issues and context within Africa
  • Proven track-record of competence in Governance of Animal Welfare in Africa [policy and regulation], excellent communication skills, and a face that is familiar to the key animal welfare stakeholders in Africa, including CVOs, RECs, Animal Welfare Organizations, and experience in working with animal welfare.
  • Knowledge and experience working in the development of policies, strategies, law, programs and projects, legislation on AW related issues
  • Experience of working at continental or regional levels
  • Knowledge of OIE and AU-IBAR structures and intervention areas
  • Experience of engaging RECs and member states in AW related issues
  • Experience of working with national, regional, continental and global networks or secretariats.

Other Skills and Competencies

The suitable candidate should familiar with the Livestock Development Strategy for Africa (LiDeSA), the Universal declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW), Animal Welfare Strategy for Africa (AWSA), Africa Platform for Animal Welfare (APAW)), the Coordination Committee (CC-APAW) and Africa Animal Welfare Conference (AAWC).

Evaluation & Award Criteria

The applications will be evaluated on the basis of the relevant technical qualifications, experience and competence of the candidates. Applications received will be reviewed on the basis of the criteria below:

Criteria Scores (%)
Qualifications 20
General Experience 30
Specific Experience 35
Other Skills 10
Proficiency in at least 2 AU languages 05

Gender Mainstreaming

The AU Commission is an equal opportunity employer and qualified women are strongly encouraged to apply.


Duration and Remuneration

The duration of the assignment is six (6) months. The contract will commence upon assumption of duty at the duty station. The contract is renewable subject to satisfactory performance and availability of funds.

The professional fees shall be US$ 6,000 per month upon approval by the Supervisor of a monthly technical report.  No other payment will be made in respect of this consultancy.
Expenses for missions will be covered separately in accordance with the applicable African Union Commission rules and regulations.  

Supervision and Reporting

The successful candidate will be under the direct supervision of the AU-IBAR ‘s Senior Animal Health Officer and welfare technical lead and the overall supervision of the Director of AU-IBAR. The Senior Animal Health Officer will be responsible for approval of technical reports.

Duty Station

This is a full-time position with the duty station for the consultant being AU-IBAR, Nairobi, Kenya with travel on specific assignments agreed with the AU-IBAR Management. Applicants should ensure that they have the capacity to undertake the assignment in the duty station at the commencement of the contract.

Submission of Applications

Application Procedures

Applications must include the following documents:

  1. Detailed curriculum vitae (CV)
  2. Copies of academic and professional certification documents
  3. Declaration on exclusion criteria (see format attached)’
  4. Identification documents

The deadline for submission of applications is 14th July 2022 at 17:00 hours, Nairobi local time.

The address for submission of applications is  Applications submitted to any other address including to individual mailboxes within AU-IBAR will not be accepted. The email application should include the title of the consultancy in the subject of the email.

Requests for clarifications may be sent to by 30th June 2022.

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Thursday, 14 July, 2022